What Is Divorce

Divorce is the legal procedure that ends a marital relationship. There are two stages of divorce procedures in Singapore.

First stage focuses on the outcome of divorce

Second stage focuses on ancillary matters such as child custody, assets and maintenance

Requirements To Apply For Divorce

If you are filing for divorce or learning how to file for divorce, you should meet these requirements:

Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (Singapore PR)

Minimum three years living in Singapore

Domiciled in Singapore

You Cannot Apply For Divorce If

Married for less than three years, unless permission is granted from the court

Married under the Muslim law

If you need more information, you may visit Singapore Statutes Online.

Legal Requirements For Divorce

One or more of the following points must be proven to be true:

Committed Adultery

Behavior that you are unable to live with reasonably

Deserted you for more than two years

Separated for three years if either party agree to the divorce

Separated for four years if either party does not agree to the divorce

How To Apply For Divorce In Singapore?

You may either seek help from a professional divorce lawyer or prepare these documents on your own.

Writ for divorce

Statement of claim

Statement of particulars

Filling fees

The person who applies for a divorce is known as plaintiff and your spouse is the defendant.

Process & Procedure For Divorce

Divorce Process Chart

Most couples struggle a lot in obtaining child custody. The court generally looks for the following when deciding on child custody:

Personality and ability to raise children

Relationship with the child

Employment status

Child raising skills

Physical and mental well-being and

Motive for seeking child custody

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